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Delush is committed to providing the best CBD products on the market. They specialize with incorperating hemp-infused oils which can be used as a wellness product or skincare. Every ingredient in their products has been researched and chosen for its natural healing quality, making Delush one of the leading producers in this industry.

Delush offer natural and toxin-free products for your wellness journey. That are lab-tested and certified CBD products are made by hand and are animal cruelty-free. By choosing natural ingredients they are able to present quality products that help you on your wellness journey.

Delush Is Very Women Forward And We Love It!

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Delush was built on the idea to empower our sisters, friends and women to be comfortable with who they are letting them know that it’s OK to have a little aid along the way.

Delush believes that this pressure can be alleviated by a little bit of help through Hemp based CBD Oils. Allowing women to find peace and acceptance with ourselves. They created Delush, so that women may take the time they need to explore their journey through life in a safe environment.

Delush began there journey with the signature Sweet Heart Bath Bombs, a convenient way to administer the benefits of natural ingredients to your body all while being self-indulgent and discreet. Every product they offer is for self-care. Which is important for all aspects of health, mental, physical and spiritual.

They have expanded the line since to include, Whipped Body Butters, Tinctures, Scrubs, and other unique and holistic everyday products.

They have thriving community that is growing everyday and They even have the bragging rights of converting many non-believers, including their traditional mothers!

A one of our friends and families personal favourite Delush Topical CBD product for pain is the Delush Magic Stick.

The Delush Magic Stick Merges the herbal wonders of traditional Asian medicine, with powerful nature of hemp, this Magic Stick is formulated to combat all your aches and pains– and a little goes a long way! Our proprietary blend of carrier and essential oils sync together with Hemp CBD to create magic!


With the pressures of the modern world at all times highs. Women are struggling to grow through insecurities, anxiety and social media. Delush products are a great solution to deal with the everyday grind.

A bath is always a welcome end to the evening.

What is even better is a perfectly tempered bath water, surrounded by glow of candle light with a glass of your of favourite wine and a good book…. The pièce de résistance rest a Delush CBD Diced Pineapple Sweet Bath Bomb into the water. Lay back, let your mind go and the day’s stress melt off of you. Thank you Delush CBD!

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