Chaga Mushroom or Inonotus obliquus is a fungi that most commonly forms on the trunk of the birch tree. It grows in the northern part of the hemisphere. It is a lumpy, coal looking growth that attaches itself to the tree and together they live for many years. Due to there growing conditions, Chaga mushrooms are put through a lot to survive. From blistering hot summers to freezing cold winters, these mushrooms produce unique compounds to protect themselves from these intensities.

The Chaga mushroom is nutritionally rich and filled with special compounds that in turn can benefit us. Just a few of the naturally occurring compounds are triterpenoids like betulinic acid, melanin, polysaccharides, and antioxidants.

But you are not here to learn the benefits of Chaga, you already know that. You are here to learn what you need to know when buying Chaga.

Sustainable Harvesting, and we cannot stress this enough.

While this might not necessarily factor into the quality of the Chaga, it certainly says a lot about the company you’re choosing to support. Chaga Mushrooms have a long-life span and are apart of the eco-system they grow in. They actually serve the tree in which they live on, synergistically. 

Greed and profit driven harvesting is a big problem in the mushroom community/industry. Harvesting the entirety of the mushroom leaves the once vibrant and alive birch tree left to die. Not exactly a practice we would like to support if we want to continue to be able to utilize these powerful mushrooms and allow the forest to continue to thrive.

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The best part is, harvesting smaller amounts will encourage the mushroom to grow even more. Offering us more mushroom medicine in the future. Kind of seems like a no brain-er to take this route, but you know how it goes. Find a company who is transparent in there harvesting practices and willing to show you what really goes on behind the scenes. 

Not to mention, wild harvested is our only source to access Chaga as its not really that possible to farm so collecting it with care is the sole way to make sure we do not deplete the species.

It is also best if you can choose a company who’s truly seed to cup. These companies are fully in charge of where the mushrooms are harvested, by who and make sure it’s done responsibly. This is to ensure you’re getting nutrient rich, quality products

True North Chaga Mushroom Tincture 

All that being said, we’ve made it easy for local Calgarians and even Canadians to find a company just like this. It is why we have chosen to carry True North Chaga products. They are Organically certified by ecocert and 100% tree to cup company with the passions and education behind them. They’re offering the benefits of the chaga mushroom in duel extract tinctures or bagged up to make your own tea. Best of all, its harvested right here in Canada. It doesn’t seem to get any better than that.

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