Review Cannabidiol for the treatment of canine osteoarthritis pain

Arthritis is a leading cause of pain, disfigurement, and disability in Canada 1 in 5 of all adults have received an affirmative diagnosis. But what about the Animals? The temporary relief for them is usually limited to rest, pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of daily cannabidiol for the treatment of canine osteoarthritis pain. (1) Looked if CBD could be an option to help manage dog arthritis. (affirmative diagnosis of osteoarthritis).

If you want a quick summary It goes as followed:

The study demonstrated cannabidiol (CBD) exerts robust and quantifiable anti-inflammatory properties in experimental systems. These experimental results were quite prominent with administration of liposomally-encapsulated or high-dose naked (CBD) (but not low-dose naked CBD or placebo) was associated with significant improvements to quality of life as quantitated by both owner and veterinarian.

The Study on CBD oil and Canine osteoarthritis pain:

The Study enrolled canine subjects were scored by the (blinded) study veterinarian on days 0 and 30 using a scale of 1 (best) to 5 (worst) for four different movements consisting of sitting to standing, lying to standing, walking, and running.Twenty large domestic canines with affirmative diagnosis of osteoarthritis were enrolled in this study.

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Results: Short-term administration of CBD to domestic canines diagnosed with osteoarthritis is safe and improves quality of life.

A very unique characteristic this study has to offer is the use of a Pure CBD and nano-based CBD oils being used in the study.

What is Nano CBD (Water Soluble)?

The CBD Molecule has a relatively low bioavailability due to it being hydrophobic (doesn’t mix with water well). So, too potentially improve absorption of the little scared of water (CBD) molecule, the researchers packaged it within liposomes, a vehicle delivery system previously shown to improve uptake of other hydrophobic compounds.

Pure CBD Vs Pure CBD Within Liposomes.

The dogs were administered coconut oil placebo, 20 mg/day naked CBD, 50 mg/day naked (CBD), or 20 mg/day liposomal. Owners then assessed their animals by means of the Helsinki Chronic Pain Index. Purple is day 0 – Orange is day 30. You can see clear differences in the animals overall mobility across the board.

It looks like Nano-CBD is the winner for dogs

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When it came to all three CBD oil groups differences were seen in the dogs with any of the (CBD) options but the 50mg CBD oil and 20mg liposomes (CBD) oils had far superior results, when it came to pain reduction and overall mobility of the dogs in the groups.

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Key points:

  • The need to dial in the proper dose. Always start low and work your way up to the recommended levels over the course of a week to avoid upset stomach.
  • This study is for the Short-term administration of CBD to domestic canines diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Short-term means relatively quick results within 30 days. So if your pets not quite receiving the results your looking for it may be a matter of upping the amount of CBD oil or switching to a liposomes CBD (nano CBD). This study was on large breed dogs, unfortunately it doesn’t tell you the average weight of the animal. If your animal is over 65lbs and not obese, they would be considered large breed.
  • Veterinarian clinical examination largely matched that of the owners assessment with generally no improvements observed among animals administered placebo or 20 mg/day naked CBD.
  • Significant improvements noted among all four assessment categories (sitting to standing, lying to standing, walking, running) among dogs who received 50 mg/day naked CBD and 20 mg/day liposomal CBD as evidenced by group compilation raw assessment scores.

The researchers who created this study really structured it to get the most information at once. Super impressive.

Not only did they use multiple dosages and two different oils. They also monitors the dogs 15 days after the had Stopped using CBD oil.

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They found at even on day 45. 15 days after the last dose of CBD oil, there was still noticeable improvement in the Helsinki Pain Index. Which Translates to dog feeling less pain and moving around better even 15 days after stopping using CBD oil. The dogs also only took the CBD oil for 30 days.

There is a lot of research coming out that suggests CBD has a even more of a therapeutic effect when it has time 30+ days to accumulate and build stronger pathways in our dogs body leading to possibly even more relief if the owners used the CBD oil over an even longer period of time during the study. (3)


This study demonstrates clearly that the widely-available supplement cannabidiol (CBD) contains a robust and quantifiable anti-inflammatory properties in canine model of osteoarthritis.

If you have large dog. Unfortunately like with any supplements, you going to have to use more CBD to achieve the results.

In this study the dose was 50mg of CBD and 20 mg of the liposomally-encapsulated (nano) once per day. We would recommend splitting the dose twice a day for even better results. Why It is very important we as dogs owners are able to dial in correct dose is clear in The results. Not as many visible signs of relief were seen in low-dose naked CBD or placebo groups.

You could end up like so many dogs owners that buy it don’t give enough CBD for long enough. Then not realize the mistake. Think It won’t work for their dog.

Potentially robbing the dog of some serious relief. According to this study!

CBD Oil For Dogs Dosage Calculator:

It used to require a little experimentation in order to get it right dosage. We have taken 5 years of data, over 10,000 products sold and made this calculator below. We have taken the guess work out having to know where and how to start with CBD oil. Luckily enough they line up with this study!

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Click to use the calculator. This will help you find out how many milligrams of CBD need to be in the bottle and how much CBD needs to be in each ml of liquid.

Pet Dosage Calculator



A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of daily cannabidiol for the treatment of canine osteoarthritis pain.

This study was funded in part by a sponsored research agreement (to MMH) between Medterra CBD, Inc and Baylor College of Medicine.


Daily administration of CBD for 30 days improves veterinarian-perspective subset QOL scores among large dogs with affirmative diagnosis of osteoarthritis.


Anxiolytic Effects of Repeated Cannabidiol Treatment

Big Thank you To MEDTERRACBD For Doing This Study.

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