Why is water soluble CBD important?

The biggest problem facing CBD or other cannabinoids is that they are comprised of oils and most beverages are made with water. Now I’m not the sharpest tool around but third grade science class taught me that, oil and water do not mix. but with CBD Oil And Nanotechnology they can.

As beneficial as CBD oil is, our bodies are still made up of roughly 60% water, which can make a huge difference in the bioavailability of many of the CBD administration methods currently on the market.

Research has come out suggesting that only 6% of the CBD ends up being utilized by the body, The rest ends up as expensive pee. This may seem unfair, outrageous and insane… Which it is! The hard truth.

This is the case for 99% of all medications and supplements taken orally.

This is why nanoencapsulation is so powerful using this method you would need 10% of the dose of Nano encapsulated CBD to receive the same benefits as C02 Extracted CBD isolate or Full spectrum CBD oil.

The billion dollar question:

How can you get these two substances to mix together in a manner that is consistent and able to be mass produced.

The answer is nano encapsulation of the CBD molecule.

The Simplest way of looking at encapsulation as example would be the gel around a vitamin or supplement you know the stuff holding all that fish oil inside.

The main purpose is to allow the substances that would other wise be dissolved hampering the ability to move through the body further then if taken without the protective layer.

This allows it to reach its full potential and travel father throughout the body before being broken down. It’s a grenade of goodness. There are already a ton of time release medication already in the market in being used for decades for things like pain killers. Something along the lines of…. You only need one pill for lasting relief all day.

What are the advantages of water soluble CBD?

Cannabinoids are oil-based and non-water soluble. Water-soluble cannabinoids emulsify evenly, allowing both beverage and edibles makers to completely standardize their product mixtures, giving end consumers a consistent, high-quality product experience. This protection can be permanent or temporary. In which case the core is generally released by diffusion or in response to a trigger, such as enzyme action, thus enabling their controlled and timed delivery to a targeted site.

The main reason for nanoencapsulating is to ensure that the encapsulated material reaches the area of action without being adversely affected by the external environment through which it passes. The encapsulated molecule is not in direct contact with the environment allowing it to be release when needed.

Regular CBD oil is not well absorbed by the body.

Again, 90% of what is eaten is destroyed by the liver and stomach acids before it’s even able to be utilized. This is because the body doesn’t absorb fat molecules, and must encapsulate them in water inside the gut before it can be absorbed. This is due to the first pass effect, Basically if you take 20 mg of Advil your body only uses about 2 mg of it effectively due the body braking it down faster then the drug can enter your body. This is also the case for CBD or any other cannabinoids.

CBD Bioavailability | How much CBD are you really getting?

This is why nano encapsulation is the future of cannabis and the CBD market. It will allow you to take less. Well still getting the same benefit of traditional none encapsulated CBD.

One main issue is the processing and pricing due to it being a relatively new technology to the cannabis market. It will take a few years to be implemented to scale and brought to the market.

Nano emulsion is currently (theoretically) the most bioavailable option out there. companies who sell it, claim the bioavailability of nano emulsions is over 90%. By now, Considering known administration types, like sublingual or oral ingestion, can be boosted from 20% bioavailability in a best-case scenario to 90+% of that through an intravenous injection, I would be really surprised if a study could ever prove such efficacy for traditional delivery methods.

One of the most forward thinking companies is Phivida. Their research is showing promise with a 400% increase in effectiveness and bioavailability of their patented CBD oil Blends and products.

Phivida Study:

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What to expect coming In the new market?

This effectiveness of nano technology would lead to a drastic decrease in the amount of CBD needed to grow or ingests to receive the same amount of value of bio effective CBD. It could be compared the driving a car that leaks 90% of you gas tank every time you want to go anywhere, sure you can get to your destination but its cost you 9x more then then the person driving that new car without the leak.

Some possible benefits:

90% less farmland.

90% Reduction in chemicals needed to grow the equivalent amount of medically active cannabinoids.

90% cost reduction in cost to produce the Plant

(due you only needed 10% of what would be required in the old model of extraction)

90% of the cost deduction to transport cost, if it weighs less to transport it cost less in fuel.

Imagine the ability to sleep only 1 hour a night compared to 9 think of how much more effective you could be. Its simple math, if every person on the planet could eat only 10% of what they normally would on a daily basis, forever. you could save the planet tomorrow.

Will this be a standard practice?

This is the future of cannabis and CBD infused products, This has to happen, there are very few things on the planet with so much power to effect positive change in people and industries around the world. Even though this is a industry that has barley learned to walk, We must move forward from a place of environmental and social responsibility.

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CBD Bioavailability | How much CBD are you really getting?

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