How much cbd oil should i give my dog for itching?

Anytime an animal’s skin becomes inflamed, sore and itchy- whether as a result of mites, ringworm fungal infection, bacterial or viral infections or allergic reactions. If the animal starts scratching away at its skin and breaks through to the flesh which exposes deeper parts of their body to bacteria.

It’s been shown that the healing of a wound and fighting off an infection both take a lot out of a small animal’s immune system. In addition to this, stress is known to dampen an immune system. When cortisol is released as part of the stress response. There are many side effects for animals who have symptoms such as skin itching or pain- one being degradation in skin integrity. The sooner you can nip the problem in the butt the better. They should be seen by a veterinarian and have them agree to the use of CBD oil along side any medications they may prescribe.

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CBD oil can not only help prevent further deterioration, but it also calms animals down and inhibits their release of cortisol which aids their stronger immunity! This is were CBD can have to biggest impact. Not as a treatment for disease but to help with the symptoms.

When considering using CBD oil in an attempt to ease the inflammation and reduce the itch, another great option to help is distraction techniques in the animal’s habitat – a new chew or gnawing block, something to shred or a new toy. 

If a animal has been diagnosed with a skin condition such as eczema (which presents with crusty and sometimes oozing lesions, little ‘millet’ like bumps on the skin, and redness and itching), long term use of 

CBD oil could be considered to help guard against future flare-ups and secondary infections by: 

  • Reducing stress and therefore making the animal less likely to exhibit repetitive
  • nervous behaviour, such as itching.
  • Reducing stress, allowing the infection-fighting part of the immune
  • system to work, uninhibited
  • Reducing the swellings as it can be very itchy and attract scratching
  • CBD’s interaction with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin promotes a homeostatic environment for optimal healing. Creating that balance is important in long-term issues like eczema where the delicate balance of the skin can be knocked off. CBD has been shown to alter how sebaceous glands make oil, suggesting it plays a regulatory role on skin oils – something which impacts moisture content and health of your body’s largest organ!

All in all, we can see that a minor skin irritation in small animals can escalate quickly if the scratching breaks the skin. Broken skin means potential for infections, which has consequences like burdening our immune system, and vulnerability to mite infestations and other microbial or fungal sicknesses. So, as you’re seeing here- managing an itch does more than just stop it from happening; maybe even more importantly than stopping itching is how being able to calm down this animal helps them manage their illness.

We see our animal friends struggle with the experience of being itchy or ill, when it came on quickly. They are often overwhelmed by it. Veterinarians believe that this emotional reaction can be what ultimately causes too much pressure on their body and allows a small skin irritation to spiral out of control. With CBD oil, we at least have a way to calm down or pets down. This way the skin irritation or illness doesn’t seem quite as irritating.


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