There has been a lot of confusion in the CBD market as to whether or not CBD oil for dog and humans the same for dogs and humans. In order to make an informed decision, it’s important to understand what CBD is and how it works.

CBD is just one type of cannabinoid, a family of chemical compounds that are found naturally in the body and work synergistically with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our bodies produce these cannabinoids internally, but we also get them from external sources like cannabis plants.

CBD oil for dogs and humans are different because we each have different needs. For example, dogs don’t ever need a high amount of THC. (They can benefit from a small amount if dose correctly) so the levels need to be much lower than what would be appropriate for someone who wants to achieve high. Application like insomnia, chronic or extreme pain a high THC for Humans would probably be best.

Unfortunately for dogs with the same issues. if given that same high amount of a THC oil would cause the dog to feel considerable anxiety and uncomfortably. that would far out weigh any benefits the dog could get.

However, there are many CBD oils on the market that you and your dog may be able to use together, If you are willing to put a bit of work into the research.

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How does CBD oil work for humans and dogs?

CBD is non-intoxicating meaning it will not get you high. The CBD in the oil interacts with our ECS to help reduce inflammation, lower anxiety, and promote a sense of calm. If you have a pet that has separation anxiety or chronic pain such as arthritis, then CBD can may be an option to do some research on. It is very important to discuss using CBD oil or any new supplements for that matter with your veterinarian if your pet is currently taking any other medications.

It’s important to note: CBD isn’t going to cure any disease but to be could be used to help manage a your dogs symptoms that come along with these. 

How is CBD oil different for humans and dogs?

CBD oil for dogs and humans are different because they have different needs. For example, dogs don’t process THC well so the levels need to be much lower than what would be appropriate for someone who wants a medical marijuana high. However, there are many products on the market that will also help with your dog’s health issues like pain relief.

The primary difference is in THC levels. While both humans and dogs can use CBD, it is not recommended for them to get high from it. The levels and dosage recommend are likely to be much higher than what would be appropriate for a dog who needs it for an ailment.

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This is especially important to look out for when any obtaining any products from a recreational cannabis store or online store. Make sure to view the lab reports. That being said, there are CBD products available that still have some level of THC in them, just not nearly as much as you would find in product used for recreational use.

These are called Full or Broad Spectrum oil. Which means that not only does the oil contain CBD but also addition cannabinoids and terpenes. That have been show to help the CBD work longer and more therapeutically in animals. Also a great option for dogs currently on medications as it has been show to be less reactive with drug interactions. Though again always speak with your vet before starting CBD oil for you dog. 


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With the increasing popularity of CBD oil for humans, it is no surprise that more people are asking if their pet can also benefit from it. Many pet owners have been reporting that CBD oil has helped with their pet’s stress levels, mobility and overall health. In fact, it is starting to become one of the most popular items being sold today for pets.

There can be some unwanted side effects when using CBD oil for humans on dogs. Such as lethagry, drowsiness and or erratic behaviour. As long as this wasn’t an edible that could contains chocolate or worse artificial sweeteners. The animal should be fine the next bad. Maybe a bit groggy. CBD oil for humans is not the same as CBD oil for dogs. This is because different dosing recommendation and higher likely-hood of containing a high concentration of THC.

This is why we usually suggest buying a pet specific product to avoid any of these issues but if you put a little work into research and getting lab reports (No or low THC). You and your dog could technically use the same CBD oil.

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