As CBD oil sweeps through our nation allowing you to find these CBD Oils in Pets stores, Vitamin stores and even gas stations sell CBD oil in Calgary and Alberta. It is clear that Alberta has a passion for Cannabis! We hold 1st place in sales of legal cannabis in the country but do we have the same affiliation for the non psychoactive?

You start to wonder how legit is this actually, is it just a phase? Too be honest there is a lot more research needing to be done before we can come up with any definitive answers in most areas that these claims are being made.

That being said if CBD does even 10% of what its promised too. It is a freaking miracle. 

You hear people talking about going from 120 seizures a day to 1 a month and think holy crap there has to be something here, Right? Now unfortunately the flip side is people may be given false hope.

It will not work for everyone and unfortunately the cost to achieve a dose the will become medically viable puts it out of reach of most Canadian though this will change in the next 3 years as prices will drop drastically. As new CBD products enter the market. 

If you cut your arm off and use CBD oil it will not grow back. (though some die hard would like you to believe that) 

Like all great things there are limits. At this stage. With anything CBD related the best course of action is to be objectively optimistic. 

Hemp. Nature’s Swiss Army Knife.

CBD oil in Calgary and Alberta.
Link to hemp Swiss army knife blog

As hemp based products begins to root them self in the mainstream culture. People who have not been the biggest proponent of cannabis can no longer ignore the science and maturity the industry is bringing into the 21th century, 

The cat is out of the bag now (meow), We have barley started starching the surface of how powerful this plant could be.

Not just CBD oil and it medical benefits as things progress we will see a a steady influx of foods, skin care and building materials being release into a brand new market of hemp products. There are well over 10000 Known used of hemp. The possibilities are endless. 

It seems like the sky is the limit but like all great things, it will take some time for these exciting new products to arrive on the market. Though it sure feels like the renascence is upon us.

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