The Truth About CBD Oil and Separation Anxiety: Why It Works, How to Use It, and More! Dog taking dropper

Separation anxiety is a common problem for many dogs. It’s estimated that about one in five dogs suffer from this condition This article will explain why CBD Oil and Separation Anxiety might be a great option.

For pets with separation anxiety, life can be a living nightmare. Not only do they feel anxious and distressed when left alone, but they also exhibit disruptive behavior like excessive barking, howling, scratching at the door, and destructive behaviors like chewing furniture. 

It’s been said that canines experience this emotional disorder more than any other animal! Dogs are known for their unconditional love, They’re not just pets; they’re family members. Unfortunately when we are away from our families, our dogs can suffer from separation anxiety. This post, we’ll be going over all the different ways pet owners have used CBD oil to help with their canine companion’s anxiety and what you need to know before trying it out for yourself! 

A break down of how CBD oil could help with separation anxiety in dogs

CBD is a natural supplement that helps to soothe pets with separation anxiety. It’s not a quick fix; it takes time to work its way into your pet’s system and create positive changes over time. However, CBD can help reduce the severity of your pet’s symptoms while you work together on other training techniques to overcome their anxiety. 

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CBD Oil and Separation Anxiety: The Effects.

  • CBD is a popular supplement because it’s natural and doesn’t the normal side effects that can sometimes be associated with traditional medications.
  • Some veterinarians use it to reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis in dogs. Pain can also be a cause of anxiety and stress and by elevating the discomfort could lead to less stress when left at home. 
  • Studies on CBD show that it might help in humans that suffer psychological disorders. OCD and neurotic behaviour at the top of the list of studies showing promise in supporting these illnesses/Diseases. 

Pet owner have also report that giving CBD oil a couple hours before this events can make a world of difference in the reaction of your pets.

  1. Thunderstorms or firework displays.
  2. Long car ride or boat rides.
  3. Heading to the Groomers or Training Sessions.
  4. When under the care of a pet sitter.
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How to use CBD for separation anxiety in your dog 

You should consult your veterinarian before starting any new supplement regardless of it being CBD.

When you start using CBD oil for separation anxiety for your dog its best to give them a dose before in the AM at breakfast time. We have found for the best results splitting the recommended dose in half and administering it twice daily achieve the best results. 

If possible try to get the oil directly in the mouth. This will allow for the best absorption into the animals body. Though some animals are picky and applying onto food before serving also work well. Try to concentrated the oil into a single area. This will make sure your dog will get the proper dose and give the CBD the ability to get to where it want to go before the stomach acid degrade it. This will Mae the CBD product more effective and will require less of the oil to achieve the desired results.

How Does CBD Oil Help With Separation Anxiety

In a very basic sense CBD oil helps slow their heart rate and produces a sense of relaxation throughout their body while they’re alone. You may also want to consider adding CBD oil to their food or treating them to a CBD-infused treat every day as you work on training techniques for separation anxiety together. Using a CBD treat before heading out to do some training defiantly hedges your bet in the right direction that todays training session will be calmer and more productive than the last. 

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results the first day. It takes time for CBD oil to work, so it’s important not to expect immediate results. If there has been no change in your pet’s behavior after 2 weeks of use. Though some have reported result in the first few hours. 
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Best Ways To Administer CBD Oil To Your Dog.

* Put a dropper of CBD oil directly on your dog’s tongue. 

* Add the CBD to your pet’s food.

Pro Tips: Leave CBD oil with dose instructions with a neighbour or friend who will be taking care of your pet while you’re away. Best to start your dog 2 weeks before you plan to leave. This will help who ever is watching your dog not have to be the bad guy day one. Plus giving the the time in need to work into our dogs body and become most effective. 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Separation Anxiety.


If you’ve been struggling to find a way to help your dog cope with separation anxiety, CBD may be the answer you’ve been looking for. CBD has shown promising results for anxious dogs, and can be used in a variety of ways to help ease your pup’s anxiety. It’s worth experimenting with CBD to see if it’s right for your dog, and it could be just what you need to give your pup the happy life they deserve.

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