Top 6 CBD Oils for Dogs in Canada.

As the popularity of CBD Oils for Dogs in Canada increases, more and more brands are entering the industry. This is great news for dog owners, who have been looking for a natural way to help their furry friends live healthier and happier lives. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know where to start, or what brand to buy.

That’s why we’ve compiled the top 6 CBD oil brands in Canada that you can trust. These brands offer everything from hemp-based tinctures, to hemp-infused chewable treats, and everything in between.

1. Sunnyside Botanicals Pet CBD Tincture

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The Sunnyside Botanicals range is meant to combat separation anxiety through the pet’s endocannabinoid system. We love that it comes in higher concentrations that can cater to increased CBD needs in larger dogs. You can also access third-party testing results for this product from the website. The price is also fair.

The 500mg bottle goes for C$45 while the 1,000mg bottle goes for C$75.For the latter, this translates to C$0.075 per mg of CBD. This is on the lower side of the cost spectrum which means that you get absolute value for your money.

2. Calyx CBD Tincture For Dogs (Nurture, Relief, and Max)

The Calyx range of tinctures are designed to offer maximum versatility and choice for all kinds of dogs. All categories come in two flavors (bacon and chicken) and an unflavored version. The relief range is intended for small dogs and cats whose weight does not exceed 20lbs or those pets that need a smaller daily dose.

It’s also ideal when you just want to give CBD for separation anxiety a try. The Nurture range is intended for medium sized dogs and comes with 500mg of CBD. The Max range comes with 1,000mg of CBD and is intended for large breed dogs.

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Calyx Relief – Bacon

We love that the Calyx range is versatile and caters for the unique needs of different dogs. The concentrations are all-inclusive and the flavors are creative and appealing. It is also great that they have included an unflavored option. Cost wise, this company has endeavoured to maintain a competitive edge. The Calyx 1,000mg retails at C$80, given the quality of the product.

3. Creating Brighter Days Fortify Spectrum (For Cats & Dogs)

Creating Brighter Days range of CBD tinctures is intended for both cats and dogs. The hemp-derived CBD is mixed in organic coconut MCT Oil, Organic Hempseed oil, and Organic Pumpkin Seed oil. The pumpkin seed oil helps to reduce anxiety and promote general health.

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Creating Brighter Days Fortify

Apart from being fortified, we love that the Creating Brighter Days spectrum comes in different potencies: 250mg, 500mg, and 1,000mg.

The CBD is extracted from hemp using progressive CO2 extraction techniques.

The full spectrum CBD offers the entire medicinal benefits of the hemp plant and entourage benefits.

3. Holistapet CBD Tinctures

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Holistapet CBD tinctures are hemp-derived, non-GMO, and dairy-free. In case you need CBD in super concentrations you should turn to Holistapet because they have potencies ranging from 125mg to 3,000 mg. Holistapet also offers a decent subscription system where customers can get great discounts.

4. CBD Magic 

The purpose at CBD Magic is three-fold. First, we are committed to creating some of the highest quality CBD products for Canadians to enjoy. Second, we constantly strive to provide the best customer service for everyone to experience. And thirdly, our never-ending pursuit of ensuring that you get your products each time and on time.

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Do your furry friends suffer from issues like pain, anxiety, sleep and more? Many pet owners are turning to CBD because of its natural health benefits. Many of your pets ailments can be greatly improved by using CBD oil on a regular basis. Try using our pet-friendly CBD oils today and see the difference it will make.

CBD Oil For Dogs Near Me In Canada

Cbd oil for dogs is a great alternative to giving your dog medication. If your pet is suffering from arthritis, anxiety, or pain relief cbd oil can help tremendously. The cbd oil will be delivered to your doorstep and all you need to do is place it in the food or water bowl. We always recommend allowing the oil to take affect for 21 day. Some dogs will experience relief that days.

If one the first day you don’t see the result you are looking for don’t be discourage. Keep up with the dosage try tot aim for the same time everyday and soon enough you should see a difference in how they are able to move around more comfortably and enjoy their days again! And best of all, due to it’s popularity you can find CBD oil for dogs near me almost anywhere is Canada these days.

There is more then one way to administer CBD to your Pets.

Try These Treats Your Dog Will love. 

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