A veterinarian can find out what’s causing that pesky pain and prescribe medication accordingly–in many cases it includes CBD oil! Eye Disorders In Dogs. Can CBD Oil Help? Well with the use of Internally CBD medicine can be used for common complaints like otitis externa (infection developing outside of the eardrum), otitis media (middle-ear infection) or even internal (pain deep within one’s innermost hearing canal).

When dogs are running around and playing in tall grasses, digging up the soil or splashing about in water, they may introduce all sorts of potentially irritating particles into their ears. Persistent scratching at their ears will alert an owner to a potential issue- if you see reddening on the underside of your dog’s ear or inside her ear, then this is something worth taking to a vet.

Painful conditions such as these often require powerful analgesics with both anti-inflammatory properties and narcotics for symptom relief; CBD oil is especially effective when these two qualities come together. Earaches are painful experiences for any animal yet finding an adequate amount of pain relief might offer some respite from symptoms along with gentle sedation. 


Sadly, ear infections are quite common in dogs, and especially in those breeds with large pendulous ears or a hairy ear canal. Some breeds also have a very narrow ear canal – all of these factors leave that dog more prone to growing bacteria and yeast in this warm moist environment. Given unavoidable factors like this, if you want to help guard against an infection taking hold there is one thing you can do- keep your dog’s ears clean! A vet might recommend the use of safe cleaning solution for some breed types who tend towards developing infections when the first signs appear.

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Outer ear irritation can be caused by a 

variety of things, such as grass seeds or mites. If your dog has irritated ears, using CBD oil topically to soothe the redness and itch is positive

because it will stop the itch-scratch cycle that slows healing time. One downside of applying CBD externally to their ears is not that they might lick it off – but other animals might smell it and try to regardless!

Eye Disorders And CBD Oil In Dogs

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Dog owners would be right to think it’s dangerous to add a product like CBD oil, even diluted, to their dog’s eye. But internal use of CBD oil in some eye disorders still offers the potential for therapeutic benefit. Conjunctivitis is the most common eye issue encountered with animals and certain breeds are more prone than others because they have a deficiency that causes dry eyes- leading conjunctivitsis.

These breed are: 

  • Shih tzus 
  • Lhasa Apsos 
  • West Highland With Terriers 
  • Cocker Spaniels

When a dog has conjunctivitis, it is usually treated with some type of ophthalmic anti-inflammatory antibiotic or steroid topical preparations. If your vet is agreeable, you can offer CBD to help reduce symptoms and speed up the healing process. Even though this condition does not always cause pain for the dog, if their eyes are streaming or they have discharge from them or any itching problems then these symptoms may distress the animal so giving it CBD’s calming effects might be helpful. If a case of conjunctivitis only occurs due to allergies in one area there is potential that long term use of low doses of CBD oil as an immune modulator will give relief from frequent reoccurring infections.

it has been hypothesizing that CBD molecules can bind onto cannabinoid receptors found within immune cells and alter their inflammatory response when exposed in general terms; specifically associated with dogs who suffer recurrent episodes where they get inflamed because they’re sensitive (in relation to things like pollen), applying such properties into our medical knowledge base could lead us towards discovering how beneficial it would be for animals and potentially relive a lot of suffering due to inflammation related disorders. 

PLEASE NOTE : It is not recommended that you put CBD oil. diluted CBD oil , or topical CBD products in or around your dog’s eye.

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