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As hemp based products begins to root them self in the mainstream culture. People who have not been the biggest proponent of cannabis can no longer ignore the science and maturity the industry is bringing into the 21th century, they can’t stand on their high horse discrediting the facts due to the legal status of this PLANT. The straw man arguments no longer applies. It’s time to have an adult conversation.

At the present moment Cannabis is classed as a scheduled 1 narcotic in America and a schedule 2 in Canada. To put it in perspective Schedule 2 drugs are: cocaine, meth, oxycodone, Adderall, Ritalin, and Vicodin.

What schedule 1 means is there is absolutely no medical benefit and it has a high rate of addiction. Basically meth has more medical value and is less addictive then cannabis, Apparently.

Thousands of studies published on cannabis and it’s potential medical uses may be causing a shift in hearts and minds but we have a long way to go.

There are currently 33 States in the U.S that allows cannabis for medical purposes and with the introduction of the 2018 farm bill. It is now it’s legal to harvest the hemp plant for the purpose of it’s derivatives. These are the main ingredients used to make CBD oils, CBD lotions, CBD vapes and CBD oil for dogs.

Regulation still need to be put in place but there has been some big news lately.

You can officially fly with hemp based CBD in the America according to the new rule put fourth by the TSA.

It is now also possible to ship Hemp based CBD through USPS due to new regulations.

You can not over state how huge these steps are.


Before this new farm bill, you were only allowed to harvest the stalks for the purpose of textiles such as cloths, papers, ropes, plastics, fuel and building materials. You could also utilize the hemp seeds which is an amazing nutritional supplement. They can be used to make Hemp oil, Hemp Flour and Hemp protein but getting a permit to export hemp seeds and oils were quite difficult to acquire. Before this farmers were forced to throw out the leaves and flowers of the plant which contains the majority of hemp’s medical properties.

This recent discovery of hemp is more of a Renascence, then a new discovery, some surprising facts of hemp’s uses in our past would be:

The first American flag was made out of hemp. You could also pay your taxes with hemp.

The Mona Lisa was painted on hemp canvas, most bibles up until the early 20th century was made from hemp paper.

The first two draft of the declaration of Independence was written on hemp.

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both grew hemp.

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Many sailors owe their lives to hemp. Before synthetic fibres were a thing, Hemp was the only natural material the could last in turbulent seas. It was use on every navel ship up until the Second World War, It was so vital to our early expeditionary phases

That sailors made sure to always have a barrel of hemp seeds on board when they cast away from the safety of shore.

Oh to eat, you ask? You definitely could, but the real reason. If a sail ripped in half and you find your ropes in tatters from barely escaping the rocky shores with your life last night. No problem just dock on that island over here, Chill for 3 months plant hemp seeds and watch it grow.

Hemp fibers can then be made into new sails, ropes and you know what the guys have been sailing for 2 years now, they deserve a treat. Lets plant an extra row of Hemp for some fancy new clothes, oh and make them a little bigger because the hemp seeds are a perfect protein and we’ve all gained 5 pounds.

Every ship in the navy required on average 34000 feet of hemp rope in 1942, It was also used for all of the paratroops parachutes in world war 2.

Hemp For Victory (1942)

Hemp is nature’s Swiss Army knife. A magic lamp, rub it enough times and it will grant humanity our greatest desires. Food, fuel, shelter, sustainability, antibiotics and medicines. Hemp is found all over the globe and can thrive were most plant wouldn’t have a chance.

Through the use of aquaponics, aquaponic , hydroponics or good old sun light, the possibility are truly endless.

Research investigating synthetic cannabidiol (CBD) for a range of skin conditions was ‘remarkably effective’ at killing a wide range of bacteria, including bacteria that have become resistant to other common antibiotics.


They call it a WEED

But don’t let that fool. The polar opposite is true.

Hemp rejuvenates the soil with nutrients and needed minerals. It’s perfect as a rotational crop, it can last well into the fall months.

Lets say you plant tomatoes one year but there isn’t any fertilizer or nutrients in the soil. They don’t grow.

If you planted hemp in that same place. The next year your tomatoes will flourish because hemp actually enriches the soil its planted in. The next year the soil is perfect for your tomatoes. This is all without the use of any fertilizers, pesticides.

Fun Fact: Hemp is the strongest natural fibre on the planet

The power of Hemp as a Textile or building materials Is more then enough to get exited about. They are literally 3D printing homes completely made of Hemp.

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Hemp can be made into plastics which are free of fossil fuels and will break down in the oceans and create food for the fishy. It can be made into bio-fuels or used to clean soil after toxic or radioactive spills. Hemp loves to pull heavy metals from the soil, this in itself is amazing but also points to something you should worry about if your think about trying a CBD oil or product. You need to make sure that the companies are lab testing there CBD oils or other products for heavy metals and toxins.

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Was the Declaration of Independence Written on Hemp?

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