I literally can not stop thinking about hemp as a battery, I wake up and am dreaming about it all day. This could single handily change the course of our entire future. Hemp is the future of clean energy! Why hemp batteries are better then lithium ion?

The best part about using hemp as a battery is It uses a part of the plant that usually gets thrown out. No one knows that to do with it. It’s literally cant even be used for cloths or paper, before now this stuff was waste material. 

I’m no genius but I feel like here in Canada there will a surplus of hemp in the near future, hemp surplus means hemp waste but wait what if we take this garbage and make batteries that can out perform there lithium ion counter parts.

So there have been rumors that a gentlemen has created a battery from nothing but hemp waste and CBD isolate. This battery is about the same size and shape a brick you would find on a old office building. 

The prototype was first spotted at the Hemp convention last year. It was a brick shaped battery comprised of hemp, Graphite and CBD isolate. 

The inventor has created a carbon hemp foam the will store energy. He was using his energy storage device to charge peoples phones and iPads at the events. This may be one of the most exciting things I’ve read since I first mispronounced the word C-A-T. No lead, no toxic metals or gold is required. As if it could get any better then this…

Yep totally does, this hemp carbon battery can purify water. You can also pass an electrical current through the hemp foam and it will desalinate Seawater. This process allows ocean water to be converted into 100% clean drinking water. 

Why hemp batteries are better then lithium ion?Hemp green battery

Researchers at the University of Alberta. National institute for nanotechnology.

When all is said and done you are left with product that can intake more electrical energy. If this Technology is easily produced for the mass market. It would affect far more industries that haven’t even been created. Which if history holds true is the first step to legalization in any country. 

The ability to create a super capacitors at a cost effective level would revolutionize the entire energy storage industry. Any government still hanging on the old ideals would have no choice but to legalize hemp at a commercial level. 

Why hemp batteries are better then lithium ion?

Then sit back and let time do the work. Hemp could literally solve some of the biggest problems in major industries. 

lithium-ion batteries aren’t perfect. They take a long time to recharge. They suffer from a limited lifespan due to the wearing down of internal components. And while they can store lots of electricity, they can’t provide a lot of power in a single instant.

Supercapacitors, on the other hand, can charge in seconds and provide huge amounts of power instantaneously. They enjoy almost limitless lifecycle, and are no moving internal components that break down, and they can charge and discharge in much wider range of temperatures.

Hemp Battery As Good As Lithium Ion?

Price and Production:

It is $500 a ton compared to $10000 a Gram of a similar graphite material. 

It’s a abundant material that can be grown anywhere. 

The process to break the hemp down into a carbon nano sheet seems relatively simple. Boil for 24 hours to separate what you need for the stalk and then turn it into a carbon by heating it. 

Hemp is the future of clean energy! Why hemp batteries are better then lithium ion?

Fossils Fuels:

Now you can’t sit there and not acknowledge that Fossil fuels have help our society to get the that next level. It amazes me every time I pull up to the gas station fill up $60 of this liquid which allows me to travel a amazingly great distance (even at today’s prices). I could understand when this discovery was made people would want to share the technology with the world.

Bringing a 1LB bottle of propane camping allows you to boil your water and make meals. The alternative?

Spend 60% of your time collecting wood, 10% trying to get the fire started. Then the other 30% keeping going. But wait what did you use to light this fire, A tiny propane bottle you carry in you pocket, some people call them a….Lighter maybe? 

Which would you rather carry through the bush a 1 Lb propane bottle or 4 quarts of wood? There is truly amazing energy density locked up in fossils fuels unfortunately they’re needed for a few more years to allow society to transition.

Once companies like Telsa or Dyson can clear the smoke and adopted this technology, it’s going to be the starting of a bright future! 

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