Often when we get into conversation with people about cannabis as medicine, especially people new to the whole idea, the biggest thing we hear is “well i don’t want to smoke it”. How Do You Medicate with Cannabis?

So we thought it would be helpful to tell you about all the ways that cannabis can be used other then the obvious approach of lighting up.

The options seem endless…

Topical’s & Lotions:

Topical’s are sweeping the medicinal cannabis market. They have created an option that has minimal psychoactive effects and the ability to target specific areas of the body.

With our skin being our largest organ, it is no surprise the these have gained a lot of attention. Topical’s can be a great way for our bodies to receive cannabinoids in order to get relief. Uses range from arthritic pain and aching muscles to skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema.


How Do You Medicate with Cannabis? 
Gril vaping

Although you are still technically inhaling and exhaling, vaporizing has become a popular and more encouraged way of using cannabis flower. Vaporizers control the temperature to allow you to inhale the evaporating active ingredients in cannabis without burning the plant matter.

Without combustion there is no smoke, creating less intake of plant particles and toxins that could be released from igniting the plant matter.


If you can eat it, you can probably infuse cannabis into it.

Medicated Edibles

Commonly found edibles are baked goods, candies & other sweet treats. This growing trend is not just for recreational users but is favorable to medical patients as well. It can be a beneficial way to target your body with longer lasting effects, which could really help people who suffer from chronic pain.

The biggest issues faced with edibles is the potency & often the lack of signals to know when you’ve have enough. Edibles take much longer to be processed by the body oppose to smoking/vaping which is almost instantaneous. It can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour & a half before feeling the effects. Don’t make the mistake of over consuming. We would recommend to find an edible that is labeled with the amount of milligrams in the product. Take a small amount, such as 10mg, then give yourself plenty of time before consuming more.

Tinctures & Oils:

cannabis tinctures/oils

Tinctures and oils can be an effective way to consume cannabis to help alleviate symptoms effortlessly. Tinctures make for a great option because you can easily control the dose.

They are so versatile, you can either drop them under your tongue or add them to your favorite beverages or food. Tinctures and oils make for a discreet, effective way to medicate.


Capsules are another method for medicating with cannabis. Capsules make it easy to regulate your dose. The effects can also be longer lasting. Capsules can be made by using different forms of cannabis.

They can filled with oil or isolates which is very common. But you can also get raw or decarboxylated plant material. This gives you choice for which capsules you’ll want depending on your needs & desired effects.

IN conclusion, there are so many other amazing and innovative ways you can use cannabis to medicate.

How Do You Medicate with Cannabis?

With such a variety of cannabis products available you’ll be sure to find something that best suits your preferences.

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*It is important to note, medical cannabis laws vary from locations and you should always follow the law according to where you live.

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