When you feel it in your gut. 

Is CBD oil good for IBS, How Does It Help With Digestion? (Full Breakdown)

When you just know it in your gut. it goes by many names. Intuition, instinct or that feeling. It use to be a mystery attributed to the gods or divine intervention. It turns out to be much cooler.. In healthy people the guts nervous system and the brain are good friends. The

problems come when there has been a riff in the relationship. This is when the stomach and brain start to venture into rocky terms. Life starts to get busy, over worked and tired. Things are starting to become distance. Neither one is taking the time to check in to see how the other is doing. 

How does CBD oil effect how my stomach and brain talk? 

Neurons within the enteric nervous system (the network of nerves serving the digestive tract) which has been found to feature both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, therefore we know that the endocannabiniod system is definitely involved in playing a role in our digestive systems well-being. (1)


I bet if you were to ask your friends and peers, good healthy digestion isn’t a common thing anymore. People may complain of indigestion or heartburn but there lies an even darker side. Slowly growing more and more common every day. It wears a mask of many faces..

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),  Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Celiac disease and the ever-controversial Leaky Gut syndrome. 

Unfortunately, with cases such as celiac (Gluten Allergy) a huge amount of damage done to the lining of the stomach prior to any pain being experienced, sometimes it never shows symptoms. 

Stupid gluten, but God bagels are just so delicious.. 

This begs the question.

How do we know if it is functioning normal?

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Lets take a quick look at how our digestive system works, don’t worry it will be a easy pill to swallow.

STEP1) It is weird to think about, at least for me. The first part of a healthy digestive tract is your TEETH. Which mechanically chew our food. Saliva is released in response to the sight, smell and taste of food. It contains salivary enzymes which breaks down starch.

The creation and release of saliva are under autonomic control. Everyone know about the Pavlov’s dogs experiment. where he would ring the bell every time he fed his dogs and eventually he could ring the bell without food being present. 

A classier way of putting it. Ringing the bell triggers the creation and release of saliva. Autonomic= Actions without conscience thought required.

We are the same way.

The same way, upon walking into your parent’s house around the holidays. You feel your mouth start to water as you try to trap every bit of that glorious smell coming from the kitchen, could it be you favourite dish that you dreamt about last night. It is the opposite way saliva is inhibited through a different system, no matter how amazing the smell if Uncle Joe has a cardiac episode probably due to the 4 pieces of dessert.

You can bet his mouth will dry up quicker then a pop corn fart. This is because sympathetic stimulation kicks in and therefore Silva production is slowed (hence why we get dry mouth when we are stressed or nervous). It’s all about balance. (2)

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STEP 2) As food goes from whole to bits after the process of chewing. It then enter the oesophagus as food starts to move to the stomach via the lower oesophageal sphincter. Yep you have a sphincter in your throat. Pause for burst of laughter. Just me? Alright lets move on then… 

STEP 3) Food enter the stomach it triggers the release of gastric in turn trigger the release of gastric juices (Stomach Acid).

The food is churned together with the gastric juice – a high acidic liquid. It’s also helps the stomach to churn helping the food to mix thoroughly. STEP 4) After a number of hours in the stomach the liquid become know as chyme and this chyme starts to enter the small intestine. This is where further digestion takes place. It is an organ for digestion and is perfectly designed for the job, the walls of these tubes are covered in tiny projections called villi. 

Large intestine villi

– Intestine Villi

Food enter the stomach it triggers the release of gastric in turn trigger the release of gastric juices (Stomach Acid). The food is churned together with the gastric juice – a high acidic liquid. It’s also helps the stomach to churn helping the food to mix thoroughly. 

These help to absorb nutrients and are often what is affected in celiac disease. As these villi get damaged due to the consumption of gluten. The gluten damages the villi in people with celiac disease. This prevent key nutrients from being absorb by the body.

This explain a lot of the symptoms that celiac suffer from due our bodies need proper nutrients to fiction properly. The good news is if catch early it is reversible. If you are wondering if you have celiac it Is now possible to find out with a simple blood test. 

STEP 5) After the liquid moves through the small intestines it is then mix with pancreatic juices. The pancreatic juices then carry the starches, fat and protein digestion while the bile emulsifiers the fat. This makes the fat easier for the body to digest. This is why people that have there pancreases taken out must stay way from high fat foods

The large intestine

STEP 6) Water intake takes place in the large intestine and any other remaining nutrients will also cross into the blood stream. What is left now is feces or POOP. When the poop moves down the rectum it stretches the walls and triggers a desecration reflex (That, oh my I need to poop feeling). At this point, we find a Toilet and the process repeats. That is until we take that final great plop. 

FINAL DESTINATION) Food for thought: A Prisoner sentence to death get a last meals but do they also get a last pop? Which would be better? If you have suffered with IBS, your answer may differ a bit. 

Reason why someone with IBS would use CBD oil?

Ok, cool I know how poop happens. What the heck does it have to do with helping treat the symptoms of my IBS or stomach problems, Really at the end of the day… What is going to make my quality of life better and what proof is there?

There are three main ways in which taking CBD oil can influence the digestive system. 

Firstly, it plays a role in regulating the digestive process that you just have read about. See full circle… The guts has a system of receptors called the endocannabiniod system.

This system is comprised of many different parts but the two main channels of actions are the CB1 & CB2 receptors. Studies have shown that activating the CB1 receptor can lead to various change in the mobility of the digestive tract. CBD oil has been show to increase gut mobility. Meaning food travels faster through the guts. This could mean there is a potentially in using CBD oil as a possible constipation medication. 

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We all know THC and its abilities to give you the munchies. When there is stimulation of the CB1 receptor it promotes the feeling of hunger. 

Endocannabiniods also seem to influence the permeability of the gut. One thing that is not talking about as much is THC’s ability to slow down the guy mobility. 

Allowing food to pass more slowly. People suffering with chronic diarrhea, THC may be a future treatment option but much more research is needed. (3)

Psychoactive cannabinoids reduce gastrointestinal propulsion and motility in rodents (3)

Secondly, it facilities the conversation between the digestive system and the brain, as mentioned above. The endocannabiniod system lets the digestive tract know if the brain is experiencing stress or anxiety – Hence the reason for physical symptoms (butterflies or the pit in your stomach). It also lets the brain know if the gut is experiencing pain or inflammation.

Using CBD oil could potentially help these pathways communicate better and manage the symptoms of IBS, IBD or boost guy health in general. 

Third, It modulates the inflammation within the digestive tract, We know that the CB1 and CB2 with certain cannabinoids can produce an anti-inflammatory action by modulating the immune systems inflammatory process.(4)

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A Guide to Chemical Free Pain Relief

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Finding ways to manage pain naturally

– A Quick Guide to Chemical Free Pain Relief.

Ready to have your mind blown?

95% of all serotonin in the body is in the gut, where it triggers digestion. Nerve cells in the gut also use serotonin to signal back to the brain. Serotonin is a chemical messenger, called a neurotransmitter, that acts on blood vessels and pain control pathways in the brain. Serotonin is also responsible for controlling mood, attention, sleep, and pain. This information can train us not to eat certain foods by communicating pain, gas and other terrible feelings or alternately send pleasure signals when indulging in something sweet. 


Our old primal brain is trained to consumer any calories available. This makes so much sense back in the day with droughts, warring tribes and no refrigeration. Food was scares. It was best to eat whatever possible, whenever possible.

The option of rolling up to your local shop and grabbing a quick bite to eat. Did not exists. If you were fat, it was considered one of the most scared forms of beauty. It signalled loud and clear that your family had their shit together and can provide enough food even in the hard times. 

Now moving into the time of abundance and technology. Our stomachs way of thinking resembles that of our ancestors roaming the plain of Africa, More then it does a 21st century man. Your stomach does not care for tomorrow the way your brain does. 


Humans Carry More Bacterial Cells than Human Ones You are more bacteria than you are you, according to the latest body census

Mildly inflamed colonic mucosa – microscopic image 20x. By Mark

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There is a direct connection between our brain and stomach. Sometimes it can get out of quack and by using CBD oil. It can assist us with the managing of our stress and inflammation levels, leading to a healthier gut. 

It’s propose that the second brain is the cause. Antidepressants like SSRIs, when used in doses too low to treat depression are effective immediately in IBS patients. Prozac takes weeks to kick in. This suggests that the drugs work not on the brains of people with IBS, but in the bowel. SPOOKY!!!

Even our Best Friends are feeling the effects of the modern day grind.

Will CBD Oil Help manage my dogs Anxiety?

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-As we can all see in their faces when we say goodbye every morning, Dog 

are particularly prone to anxiety when their owners are away.

Treatment of IBS with CBD OIL. 

Unfortunately CBD oil for the treatment of IBS can take at least 30 days to feel the full effect.

CBD oil may be worth trying as a first option serious and non life treating health problems are not present. Anxiety medication can have some interesting side effects and withdrawals. Of course, always talk to a medical profession prior to starting any new supplement. Especially if you are currently on any medications. Usually there is little effect at the dose people would be taking for the treatment of IBS but it is always good to be safe.

There is growing body of evidence that CBD is well tolerate in high doses, a study were participants 1500mg CBD per day for 3 months with very little negative side effects. Though it is strongly recommended that if you are currently taking any medication and/or require more then 50mg of CBD per serving. Please consult your healthcare or medical cannabis professional.

One of the most amazing accepts of our endocannabiniod system is that it appears to have the ability to communicate with the gut flora. Gut flora is the healthy bacteria in our gut have several roles, some we are just starting find out. It’s been said that 42% off all your chemicals, such as dopamine and it is a fact that 92% of serotonin are made by you gut! A growing body of evidence suggests that issues within the endocannabiniod system can play a role in the development of digestive system related issues such as obesity, irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

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So, what does this mean in terms of using cannabinoids such as CBD oil to address issues in the digestive system?

It certainly points to the potential of being able to improve the health of our digestive tract and be used to alleviate symptoms that come along with dealing with IBS, IBD and the many other faces. There is much research that is needing to be down but there has been progress below we’ll learn about the research being done and the evidence to support it. There are many situations in life they can leave your stomach out of wack. As soon as you hear the term out of wack or out of balance. You should automatically think CBD oil and endocannabiniods. This is because if you take anything from this article…

The thing you should remember is that role of your endocannabiniod system is to balance everything. It’s job it to create harmony with all the system in your body. Be it a big meal, Maybe you ate at the taco truck you know doesn’t have the best hygiene or the system gut flora has taken a beating due to the use of antibiotics. The encouragement back towards a state of homeostasis via tweaks mediated by using CBD oil to encourage the endocannabinoid system to promote balance within the digestive system. . CBD OIL is therefore being used by IBS sufferers as a analgesic, an antispasmatic, an anti-inflammatory, an anti-emetic, calming and anxiolytics, an immunomodulator and mobility regulator. Using CBD oil at low dose as a daily supplement appears to be helpful for some IBS sufferers, with high doses being taken to manage the symptoms flares. (5) Scientist, Including neurologist Ethan Russo, Hypothesis that IBS results from a lack of endocannabiniod receptors in the gut. CBD oil could thereby stimulate the production of these receptors. 

The best CBD oil dosage for IBS? 

When trying to figure out what CBD oil is best for IBS, or what CBD dosage is best for IBS? 

There are a few key factors you must consider. What are the best ways to take CBD or cannabinoids for IBS are oils, capsules, patches or edibles?

Is CBD oil good for IBS? 

That is a decent amount of oil you must take everyday if I use a CBD oil tincture maybe capsules are better? 

There are a lot of questions. By the end of this article you’ll learn how to choose a quality CBD oil that works for IBS, How to use CBD oil for IBS, IBD and other masks. We will also address what different kinds of CBD oil for IBS there is on the market. 

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Which Method is Better?

Should I get a Full Spectrum or CBD Isolated?

This would depend on what you currently have around you. Full spectrum oils are definitely the best option as they included the entire plant and are on average more effective and longer lasting. But one thing to keep in mind Full spectrum can sometimes contain THC this is even when label states 100% THC free.

If you are in a position of having to submit to a drug test for work or really don’t like the idea of THC or being high. You can find many quality CBD or Cannabiniod companies that lab test each batch of products. They must use CO2 extraction methods and be willing to show you up to date reports don’t only test of potency but also test for heavy metals and pesticides. (6) 


You’ll likely have to experiment with dosage to find the best amount of CBD Oil to treat your IBS symptoms. CBD is measured in milligrams. CBD products range anywhere from as little as 15mg to 5000mg. Depending on the form of CBD, a capsule might deliver 15mg while a bottle of CBD oil will have 500mg of CBD in 30ml.

When beginning your IBS treatment with a low dosage of CBD could be all that you need. There is no need to use a high dose, when a smaller dosage may be all that is required. If you are new to CBD. It is generally best if you start low and go slow. 

Starting dose of CBD oil for IBS

Start with 10mg twice a day is a good place to start for 2 weeks. If you are not feeling any desired effects. Then start to gradually move up in 5mg increments per day until 25mg twice per day is achieved. Wait another 2 weeks (1 months) if things have not changed you can move up to 50mg twice per day. We strongly recommend if needing to take anything over 50mg per dose. Consult a health care or medical cannabis professional. 

Day 1-14 10mg twice daily Day 18-30 25mg twice daily

Day 15 15mg twice daily 


Day 17 25mg twice daily 

(If you need to take more then 50mg per serving consult a health care professional)

When using a CBD oil for IBS it is best to hold the oil under your tongue, for a minimum of 30 seconds. This is because there is a thing layer of skin under your tongue that allows more of the CBD to enter your blood stream. When I take my CBD oil In the morning for my IBS, I personally like to hum you are my sunshine. You are my sunshine; you make me happy when clouds are grey. You get the idea. 

Take it at the same time every day. Not only because I feel it help your body absorb it better (no science on that) but also because it is much easier to remember to take it and you start to build the habit. If there is one thing you can do to ensure the success of treating IBS with CBD oil is taking it every day!

What is the best Strength CBD oil For IBS? 

As talked about above, every person is different. They have different metabolisms and genetics. The Strength of the CBD oil Doesn’t matter as much as the quality. Lab tested, full spectrum when possible. It must be cost effective as well. To truly reap the benefits of CBD oil for IBS you must take it daily. 

( In a Nut shell )

What and Why? 

CBD oil is a substance Derived from the hemp or cannabis plant. CBD Oil interacts with our endocannabiniod system. The endocannabiniod system’s role is to achieve balance between the different systems within the body. The main role in regards to the digestive system is monitor and adjust your bodies response the surroundings to make sure the gut is functioning as efficiency as possible, allowing for clear and open lines of communication to happen between the brain and the gut. 

There is a direct connection between our brain and stomach. Sometimes it can get out of quack and by using CBD oil it can assist us with the managing of our stress and inflammation levels, leading to a healthier gut. 

How and Where? 

Always know the source of your CBD oil. Ask for up to date lab reports and try to get a full spectrum oil whenever possible. Be careful if concerned about drug screenings then a CBD isolate oil may be best. You want to make sure it CO2 extracted with recent lab report for Heavy metal and pesticides. There is still much research to be done and the question Does CBD oil work for IBS? Is not clear cut. There is definitely promising research coming out that would definitely make someone surfing with IBS or IBD to give cannabinoid or more specifically CBD oil a Try. 

There is a strong growing body of evidence supporting the safety and effectiveness of CBD oil for IBS but as touched on above always consult your healthcare professional when starting a new supplement. Especially if your are currently on any medications. CBD oil Dosage for IBS, is unfortunately very dependent on the person. Always start low and go slow 10mg twice a day for 2 weeks then up to 25mg twice a day if no desire effects are achieved. If you must take more the 50mg per serving please consult a healthcare or medical cannabis professional. 

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Calyx Heal – Canadian Made,

lab tested CBD oil.

Want to try CBD oil for your IBS. This is a great product to start with. 

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I want to be clear I’m a firm believer in modern medicine! But after needing blood work for my IBS but also x rays, ultrasounds, urine test, fecal test all multiple times. No answers, no anything. Just pain 3 or 4 times a month for 5 days a week.

Which was pretty much all the time. I remember getting excited to find myself with pain in my shoulder. Usually on those day my stomach would be good, this is because the body can only focus on one pain at a time and I knew if it was paying attention to my shoulder that my stomach would flare up that day. Celebrating pain due to the disappears of other pain is not that out of the norm for people suffering from chronic illnesses. 

Since starting CBD oil 2 years ago. I still get attacks but it only if I am reckless and eat late at nights or maybe just try one more bite of that delicious pie. I have come to realize my stress level effect it more then anything.

If you fell stressed your immune system is weakened, and this allow my IBS to flare up. Regardless of my diet! I feel the CBD oil allow me not to be so reactive, this prevents me from getting ramped up which use to send signals to my stomach saying its game-time something bad is out there. Screw taking care of that bad bacteria in your stomach causing inflammation and bloating. We need to deal with the imitated threat and worry about that later. Then later never comes due to stress of being at 1000% peak capacity. 

Trying And Trying. 

After trying to eliminate food for years, exercise daily, eat vegan (4 years) mediation, limiting caffine, cutting suger and yoga. I can say CBD made the biggest change in my life with the least amount of effort. If your suffering from stomach problem seriously try yoga, it will change your life. You feel like a dork at first but over time it gets addictive. 

This is the best place to start the yoga journey.

Yoga For Digestion ♥

Amazing humans from Canada – Boho Beautiful. If you have any questions please. Email me at

I would love to have a conversation and help in anyway I can. 

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