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CLEAN CBD Tea Blend By Fleurs

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Fleurs 100% Organic Herbal Tea – Woke Blend

7mg of CBD per tea bag / 10x Individual Herbal Tea bags / Handcrafted In Vancouver

Fleurs CBD Tea are the perfect addition to your wellness routine. This wellness blend is for detoxifying. If you’re been eating the wrong foods and feeling bogged down, or enjoy big city living that also surounds you with pollutants, this tea is for you. Each tea bag contains 7mg of CBD.


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Fleurs 100% Organic Herbal Tea 

What are these healing herbs known for?

Milk thistle – known as a gentle liver cleaner Burdock root – known as a detoxing herb and protector of liver Dandelion root – known to stimulates your digestive tract Golden flax seed – high in antioxidants Fennel seed – known as a cooling herb for your body Ginger root – known as a digestive aid while fighting inflammation Cinnamon chips – known as a natural anti-inflammatory and promotes healthy a heart Orange peel – known as a digestive stimulant and aid in weight loss Coriander seed – rich in vitamins and antioxidants Turkey rhubarb root – known as a herb for your digestive health Dill seed – known to soothe digestive tract and promote bone health Senna leaf – known for stimulating bowel movements Rooibos – known as a antioxidant Rose petal – known for hydration

Fleurs Tea is merging traditional plant medicines with hemp CBD to create wellness blends to help you be your best. The organic teas make it easy for you to incorporate these healing herbs into your routine.


milk thistle, burdock root, dandelion root, golden flax seed,  fennel seed,  ginger root,  cinnamon chips,  orange peel, coriander seed,  turkey rhubarb root, dill seed, senna leaf, rooibos, rose petals, hemp derived CBD


Steep 1 bag of tea in 1-2 cups of boiling water (208 degrees) for 5 mins. To extract the healing compounds, gently squeeze the bag and be sure to enjoy the whole cup.


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