DETOX Bath Blooms 100mg CBD by Calyx Wellness


Calyx CBD Detox Bath Blooms – 100mg

This bath bloom is going to be the perfect way to start/or end your day. Detox is the perfect combination on CBD, ti-tree and peppermint. Drop into your bath and watch it fizz so you can soak in the all the benefits.

Pick a bath bomb that aligns with your intentions and make some time for yourself.

We believe everyone deserves a little me time. Peppermint is well known for helping you breath easier while ti-tree is known for its cleansing properties so its the ultimate blend for detoxing from your day.

This Bath Bomb was designed with peppermint to boost energy, clear the respiratory tract, stimulate circulation, and soothe aches, including headaches! Peppermint is also known to soothe nausea and stomach discomfort, whether it’s common morning sickness or anxiety induced. Additionally, the use of ti-tree oil as an antimicrobial and as a way to promote skincare as it fights acne and blemishes. With the added benefits of CBD as an anti-inflammatory agent and neuroprotectant, this makes for a beautiful medley! Detox was carefully designed to be the equivalent of taking a fresh breath of air, clearing your thoughts, and getting your mind right for the day.

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DETOX Bath Blooms 100mg CBD By Calyx Wellness

Your self-care ritual just got an upgrade. Our Bath Blooms are vitamin-rich and PH-balanced to gently cleanse the skin and intimate areas while delivering mind-body relief through CBD infusion.



 Baking soda, citric acid, kaolin clay, epsom salt, witch hazel, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, hemp extracted cbd isolate, ti tree essential oil, peppermint essential oil, polysorbate 80, blue colourant (lake dye), green colourant (lake dye), spearmint leaf, eucalyptus leaf, rosemary leaf, fennel seeds, juniper berries, peppermint leaf.


Drop into your bath, and enjoy!


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