Good Girl | Good Boy Hand Made Soaps for Dogs

Yes, Shampoo Bars for Dogs are a thing & they’re fantastic!

You might wondering Shampoo Bars for Dogs – Why are they better? The truth is there are a few reasons why. Whether it is for your dog or for the environment I am sure you will find a good reason to make the switch.

1] Stop Paying for Water

Have a look at your dogs shampoo bottle chances are, the first listed ingredient is water. Shampoo bars don’t have water added to them, just great natural cleansing ingredients and nourishing oils.

2] No More Diluting

Do you dilute your dog shampoo? Did you even know that with some shampoo’s it specifically tells you that it needs to be diluted on the side of the bottle? I can’t tell you the number of times in my years spent working at a retail pet store how many customers had no idea about this. Not to mention some people who came in saying “I had bathed my dog but now she is itchy, flaky and has really dry skin”. A Dogs skin is very sensitive, they don’t need harsh, concentrated cleaning agents. Dogs naturally produce there own protective oils and stripping them away can create lots of issues. You don’t have to worry about measuring out and diluting Shampoo bars, they are gentle and easy to use!

3] Say good-bye to Plastic!

I think this is pretty self explanatory as to why this is a good thing. We create way to much plastic waste so this is just another way to reduce the amount of plastic you use!

4] Bring your dog with you everywhere? These Packs way better.

If you go on lots of road trips or travel often we know how important smart packing is! Shampoo Bars are way easier to pack with you. You don’t have to worry about leaky bottles and they take up minimal space.

5] Better Ingredients

This one is really important. What you use on the outside of your dog is just as important as what you give them. There are so many products on the market that are down right scary, once you research more into the ingredients of the bottles. Shampoo bars, especially our favorite Good Girl | Good Boy Hand Made Shampoo Bars are made with all natural ingredients, which you can pronounce and know what they are!

There is a really awesome article written by Melissa Boland to inform you of the Top 20 Dangerous Ingredients that are commonly used in dog shampoos. To think that some of those ingredients would even be allowed to be used is mind blowing. Not to mention completely unnecessary. These shampoo bars we carry don’t contain any of those & for good reason.

6] Biodegradable – wash your pet outside safely

Another big reason we love Good Girl | Good Boy Soaps is they are safe! With summer time upon us, there are plenty of people who wash there pets outside!

In fact these are so safe that if your dog needs a bath after your hike trip because they someone how found something gross to roll around in, you know what i mean, then you can wash your dog safely in the creek before they can smear that all over your car.

They really are great products for the betterment of your dogs health and our planet! Which is why we love them and know you will too! Be sure to share this with your friends so they know why they need to make the switch!

Check out the Good Girl | Good Boy Soaps we have available now!

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