Not only are you incorporating an abundance of nutrient rich greens and vitamin C, you’ll be adding in the benefits of Nano CBD Smoothie to help you conquer the day.

The first part were going to talk about is your blender. A high speed quality blender makes a different in the consistency and smoothness. You’re going to want at least a 1000w powered blender to blitz those hearty greens up to perfection.

Second, quality produce. Look for organic if possible, or visit your local farmers market.

If you’re in northern climates, getting into colder months means less fresh produce is available. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting some of the much needed fruits and vegetables. There are great options in your freezer section at your grocery store. Try and look for organic, trusted brands with better farming practices.

Lastly, Why Nano CBD? 

CBD or cannabidiol is naturally hydrophobic. It doesn’t mix well with water. Given your fruits and veg are made up of a lot of water, A Nano CBD will better incorporate with your smoothie for a more consistent dose. Simply put, Nano CBD is taking the CBD isolate and encapsulating it so it is no longer hydrophobic and can now be suspended in water.

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Want to understand nano technology more?

And why it makes more sense for creating functional foods like smoothies, mocktails, and lattes.

The Ultimate Green Smoothie – With A

There is nothing better than this tasty, earthy tropical green smoothie 

that will have you feeling nourished. 

It’s Dairy Free, Plant Based Goodness!

Serving size – 2 People

1 Cup Pure Orange Juice

1/2 Cup Cold Water

2 Bananas

1/2 Cup frozen Mango

1/2 cup frozen Pineapple

1/4 cup frozen Peaches

1 Cup Spinach

1/2 Cup Kale (roughly chopped)

1 Tbs ground Flax

3 Tbs Hemp Seeds

1 Tbs agave (optional)

10mg – Nano CBD or 1 ml of SunnySide Nano 300mg

Add Liquids to pitcher first. (always do this) Then add your Fruit, greens, seeds and sweetener if desired. Blitz for 1 minute. Add more liquid if needed until smooth. Then add your CBD and pulse a few times to incorporate.

Voila, you’re done and enjoying this functional, delicious smoothie.

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As beneficial as CBD oil is, our bodies are still made up of roughly 60% water, which can make a huge difference in the bio-availability of many of the CBD administration methods currently on the market.

Nano-Emulsified CBD is a new, patent-pending technology that shrinks CBD down many many times smaller, increasing some of its benefits. 

One of which: It makes it water-soluble.

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SunnySide Botanicals has created innovative, Quality CBD products for the Canadian market.

They are lab tested to ensure you’re getting the best. With everything from Bath soaks to tinctures for your pet, they have you covered.

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