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Okay, Heres 5 CBD lotions for pain you need to try. It is a growing trend that even your grandparents are on board with. CBD lotions are changing the way we manage our aches and pains. Whether it is due to older age or post work out recovery, CBD is combating inflammation and giving us some relief. This guide should help you know what to look for and help pick the right one from you.

What is CBD (Cannabidiol) lotion?

There are different types of CBD lotions. Some are made to improve your skin health, and some are made to target aches and pains. Usually, it is dependant on the other ingredients used to formulate the lotion. CBD Lotions, balms and other topicals that are meant to aid in pain relief tend to have menthol, arnica and other healing plants that are commonly known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Paired with CBD you get a powerhouse of plants localized on your aching joint to work some magic.

CBD lotions come in varying concentrations. Generally, CBD does not absorb into your skin easily. That is why picking a higher potency product (or nano CBD, but we will get into that later) will give you the best results when it comes to pain.

If you are unsure, ask to view the third-party lab test. Make sure the extracts the companies are choosing to use are quality, toxin free and that it is the type of CBD you are looking for.

Types of CBD (Cannabidiol) that can be found in products.

  • CBD isolateCBD in its purest form. With no other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids present.
  • Full Spectrum Hemp CBD – an extract that is highest in CBD but contains other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids including trace amounts of THC. (<0.3%)
  • Nano CBD – CBD that has be encapsulated for optimal absorption

Now that you have been given the basics about CBD lotions for pain, lets get into our Top 5 options that can be found in Canada!

1. Cool Release Pain Relieving Balm

– By Sunny Side Botanicals

CBD lotions for pain

Sunnyside Cool Release Pain Relieving Balm

This Muscle Balm is a potent dose of CBD featuring cooling menthol and Sunny Side Botanicals in-house infused Arnica-Oil. It is 400mg of CBD per oz to provide a strong dose right where you need it.

It has a naturally warming sensation from the menthol is there to help sooth muscles and release tension. The Cool Release Pain Balm is a non greasy formula that absorbs quickly.

Sunny Side Botanicals has some of the most easily accessible lab reports and is a place for innovative, effective, and quality products. They bottle and produce 100% of their products which gives them full control of what’s inside the bottle. A true favourite, as they put the needs of their customers first.

Quick Thoughts

Concentration: 400mg

Type of CBD: – CBD isolate

Odor Strength: Semi strong – I can definitely smell when my husband is wearing it.

Scent – An uplifting mint, with notes of citrus.

Feel – glides on easily, feeling silky after application.

2. The Magic Stick

By Delush

Delush Magic Stick, CBD pain lotion

The Delush CBD Magic Stick is the perfect combination of traditional herbal medicine and CBD all in one potent healing potion. Formulated so you can easily apply directly to your sore muscles and joints. Menthol, arnica and specifically picked essential oils, this formula is going to help melt the tension away.

The shea butter, mango seed butter and hemp seed oil base soak in easily leaving your skin feeling nourished and aches relieved.

Delush CBD is a Vancouver based company whose priority lies in creating products that are always natural, toxin and cruelty free.

After all, their saying is handmade with all the love and good, good.

Quick Thoughts

Concentration: 300mg

Type of CBD: – CBD isolate

Odor Strength: Semi strong – not overpowering.

Scent – sweet fruity and minty

Feel – glides on easily, super soft feeling after absorbed.

Delush Magic Stick

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3. Smooth CBD Lotion

– By Calyx Wellness

This one is more like your traditional lotion that can be used all over. Not only can it be helpful on sore muscles it is also great for nurturing your skin. The perfect dual purpose lotion. Its use of plants rich in anti-inflammatory properties make it helpful to target those aches and pains.

Calyx Smooth Lotion, CBD lotion for pain

It is a highly effective moisturizer to achieve soft, healthy skin. It’s full of herbal plants to calm inflamed and troubled skin. Combined with other botanicals like lavender, sandalwood and tea tree for an calming but bright aroma. It also is available in two strengths, 600mg and 1200mg.

Calyx is a wellness focused CBD company out of Ontario. Creating products to enhance your health and help Canadians thrive with CBD by your side. The founder of Calyx, Danielle Blair is a leader in the CBD market whose business venture began with compassion.

Quick Thoughts

Concentration: 600mg

Type of CBD: – CBD isolate

Odor Strength: Medium strength, can definitely use if you have to leave the house.

Scent – earthy, floral, and sweet

Feel –super soft and luxurious

4. CBD Cream (Extra Strength)

– By Resolve

A full spectrum CBD lotion with specially picked essential oils to help ease tension and relieve muscle pain. Choosing a full spectrum CBD lotion means you’re benefiting from all the other cannabinoids, not just CBD. Other healing plant ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter and calendula come together to combat aches and pains head on.

resolve cbd lotion

There CBD lotion has a much more subtle scent which makes it perfect to use in your everyday routine. Absorbing quickly into your skin, leaving it feeling soft and moisturized.

Resolve CBD is another great Canadian company out of Toronto. Education, accessibility, and compassion seems to be what fuels them. They’ve put priority on quality ingredients and providing lab tested products that people love.

Quick Thoughts

Concentration: 500mg

Type of CBD: – Full Spectrum CBD

Odor Strength: medium light strength, can definitely use if you have to leave the house.

Scent – earthy and floral

Feel –soft and nourishing

5. Cool Release Nano Roller

– By Sunny Side Botanicals

Seriously, a customer fave. This roller is pocket sized and takes advantage of Nano CBD and its super tiny CBD crystals, and water-based formula for optimal absorption without any greasy mess. A potent option that is perfect for on the go. The nano CBD used to make this product means a little goes a long way.

Cool release nano roller, CBD pain roller

Nano CBD means the particles are a lot smaller and encapsulated to rapidly absorb and penetrate deeper into the skin. This makes it more effective than regular CBD at targeting those troubled areas.

A perfect blend of inflammation fighting plants like menthol, arnica, camphor and black pepper. This blended roller may be small but it sure is mighty.

Quick Thoughts

Concentration: 60mg

Type of CBD: – Nano CBD

Odor Strength: Semi strong

Scent – minty, earthy, spicy

Feel – watery but soft and dries fast

All of these CBD lotions are made right here in Canada. And they easily made the top 5 because of quality and care put into each of these products. With a list like this, we think you’ll surely be able to find something you love.

If you found something you want to try and made it this far, enjoy $5.00 off any of the CBD lotions or topical products we carry. Restrictions apply. Use promo code “TOP5” during check out. As always, don’t forget to like and share if you found this helpful in choosing the right CBD lotion for you.

It’s simple, good things are made from the earth.

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