Calgary is one of the largest Cities in Alberta. Which makes it’s easy to buy CBD oil. This means that even a visitor to the city will have no trouble accessing CBD oil and other cannabis products. 

Calgary has a big CBD oil culture, with many retailers available. Use this guide to learn a bit about the history of Calgary and where to find CBD and the best retail locations around the city. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Calgary

There are plenty of CBD oil retailers throughout Calgary. No matter where you’re staying, you don’t have to worry about finding where to buy CBD oil. it’s not time to head out and find your CBD products in the city of Calgary. If your a home body or have alot on your plate. There is a more convenient route to take when browsing around for CBD products in Calgary, and that is to shop online. We’ll save the conversation on CBD oil suppliers in Calgary for later. For now, take a look at these highly recommended recreational cannabis shops in Calgary that carry CBD products.

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1) The Peak Cannabis Co. carries a wide variety of cannabis products including Flower, Oils, Capsules & Sprays and Pre-rolls, as well as an assortment of Accessories. We are dedicated to providing Calgary customers with superior customer service with a focus on consumer needs.

Address: #18, 2520 23 ST NE Calgary, Alberta

2) Douglasdale Cannabis anyone that has shopped at many different cannabis dispensaries in Calgary, knows this place just consistently gets a 5/5. Their customer service is incredible, every single visit.

Address: 20 Douglas Woods Dr SE #28, Calgary, AB T2Z 1K2

3) Mountain View Cannabis, they carry the philosophy of cultivating a positive culture. They want to erase the stigma attached to Cannabis use, too! They are a cannabis dispensary located in Calgary’s beautiful South West community of Strathcona. Our storefront is in the Strathcona shopping complex just off Bow Trail with beautiful views of the downtown city skyline.

Address: 5555 Strathcona Hill SW #6 Calgary Alberta T3H 1S2

Many of the Calgary cannabis dispensaries mentioned above offer the option to shop online and have CBD oil products picked up. If you’re visiting Calgary for a long enough period of time, this is 100% the way to go

As promised somethings to do around Calgary after you mellow out.

Of course you can’t mention Calgary without talking about the greatest outdoor show on earth the Calgary Stampede. The Stampede is fun, but there’s still plenty to do in Calgary.

Top 8 must do things to do when visiting Calgary: 

1) Go to Banff. You are already so close to the mountains. Take advantage of it!

2) Go the National Music Centre

3) Go to the Calgary Tower

4) Vitsit to Heritage Park

5) Go see the monkeys at the Calgary zoo

6) Visit the Wonderland Sculpture

7) Calgary’s +15 Skywalk

8) Calaway Park

Looking for CBD oil in Calgary for your dogs? 

The answer to your question is yes. You can find CBD oil at Calgary’s pet store, or you could order it online. It’s not as easy as finding a human supplement that contains CBD because the entire process of getting approval for these products takes more time than just with humans but we’re working on it!

Especially4pets Over the years have learned a lot about the health needs of dogs and cats and have become very particular about what is acceptable. They won’t bring in brands just because they are highly recognizable! This is True for the CBD oils they carry.

Address: 436 16 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 1K2

2) PAWSitively Natural Pet Food & Supplies This pet store is focused on providing natural alternatives to pets, like animal-friendly CBD oil. You’ll find they do things a little differently, at PAWSitively Natural. Our focus is on quality care and customer satisfaction.

Address: 2100 4 St SW, Calgary, AB T2S 1W7

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