Maybe you’ve heard people are giving CBD oil to their pets, What are the Benefits of CBD oil for Dogs & Cats?

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CBD Oil Products for Pets.

The science of hemp and CBD for it’s medicinal & therapeutic properties has shown the potential it can have for not only our health but our pet’s health as well.

More specifically, the Cannabinoid, CBD (Cannabidiol), has been a large focus of these studies. Many people now are turning to hemp-derived CBD oil and treats to help find relief for their dogs and cats because it is a natural alternative to traditional treatments, with zero psycho-activity. Although the research is still early, there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence of pets receiving benefits from CBD oil and pet parents are ecstatic.

What are people giving CBD oil to their Dogs and Cats for?

With the growing number of owners trying to take a more natural approach to their pet’s health, it is no surprise CBD oil or CBD Treats are a fast-growing option being sought after by pet parents all over Canada and the US.

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