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It's simple, good things are
Made from the Earth.

Earth Made is founded on the belief that natural, hemp and mushroom infused supplements and skin care should be accessible & easy. So, what better way than having your favorite wellness products shipped right to your door. 

We’re all about sharing knowledge, awareness and the passion for cannabinoids and functional mushrooms to enhance our health.

Furthermore, choosing awesome, quality products should never be hard, which is why we have a curated selection of Canadian brands that share our same dedication to your [or your Pets] health & wellness.

Plant Powered Wellness,
You'll Love.

What is plant powered wellness?

It means using plants [& fungi] to enhance, support and improve everyday life. Incorporating cannabinoids, mushrooms and adaptogens all with the goal of feeling your very best.

It’s a place where nature and science meets. A place where reconnecting with our natural roots is easy. We are apart of a community who wants to learn what these plants have to offer and than share that same knowledge with you.

We’re here for our customers. Questions? Reach out to us.

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